Our Three Grain French Country Batard (16 oz) and Demi-Baguette (10 oz), American Whole Grain Multi-Grain, and Three Grain Olive and Roasted Red Pepper are our core breads found in most retail locations. 

Specialty Breads

Our full range of breads are pictured below and can be found at the bakery on Saturdays 9 to 5 and at the Farmers Markets that we participate in. (More photos to come)

Variations of our Three-Green French Country Bread: 24" Baguettes, Ficelles (skinnier, crunchier baguettes), French Country Boules, Epis, Mega Loaves

Other Breads: Caramelized Garlic Bread, Challah Rolls, Olive and Red Pepper Rolls,  Roman Focaccia, Pumpernickel, Marble Rye, Wild Yeast (sourdough), Cranberry Walnut Demi-Baguette

Pan Loaves

Honey Whole Wheat, Buttermilk White, and Brioche