Ingredients: king arthur artisan bread flour, organic spelt, organic rye, water, salt, yeast

Variations: mega (60oz or 30oz), country batard (20oz or 16oz), baguette (full, demi, or mini), boule (10oz or 8.5oz), french epi, dinner rolls, panini.

Add-ins: caramelized garlic (20oz), red pepper and olive (16oz or 7oz roll), cranberry walnut, three-cheese (parmesan, asiago, romano).

Our Three-Grain is our most traditional and popular bread. Using organic spelt and organic rye give our bread an incredible texture and certain taste you cannot find anywhere else. We mill the spelt and rye right here at the bakery using a stone ground mill.

Wild Yeast Sourdough

Our 72-hr fermented artisan bread is carefully made with 40% organic spelt, king arthur artisan bread flour, and salt.

Variations: miche (whole, half, or 1/4), sliced pan loaf, batard, Demi-Baguette.

14-Whole Grain Multi-Grain

Ingredients: Unbleached enriched whole wheat flour, yellow corn meal, organic rolled oats, organic groats, organic rye berries, organic spelt berries, whole pearled barley, wheat bran, millet, flax seeds, sea salt, honey, sunflower oil, yeast, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.

Variations: sliced pan loaf, boule (8.5oz), baguette.

Roman Focaccia

Owner and Master Baker, Tim, learned how to make this incredible bread when he was perfecting his skills in Italy for 15 years. This dough is only made with King Arthur artisan bread flour, a little salt, and a little yeast. We make this bread into individual loaves topped with the best greek olive oil, sea salt, and rosemary. This light and airy bread is perfect for dips, sandwiches, paninis, or just eating by itself.

Natural Pumpernickel Rye

Ingredients: Rye flour, king arthur artisan bread flour, levain (sourdough starter), salt, molasses, cocoa powder, coffee grinds, honey, olive oil, caraway seeds, yeast.

Variations: batard, Ficelle, rolls.