Our breads are made with no preservatives or additives, therefore if you know you are not going to be eating our bread within 24 hours, freezing is the best option.

To Freeze: Cut bread into smaller chunks (or leave whole) and place in freezer safe bags or wrap completely with saran wrap. Make sure the bread is completely covered before placing in your freezer.

To Thaw: Remove bread from the freezer and unwrap. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. When the oven is ready, sprinkle a little bit of water then place bread in the oven on a sheet pan, or pizza stone. If you are reheating our Roman Focaccia bake for 3 minutes. Any other breads should bake for 5-6 minutes. Enjoy ! =)

If you freeze one of our pan loaves, freeze a few slices together in each freezer safe bag. Once taken out of the freezer, you can immediately toast to defrost. 

*Make sure you freeze immediately. The fresher it goes in the freezer, the fresher it tastes after reheating*

There are also many ways to keep our bread fresh for those 24hrs.

  • Bread Box: A good breadbox will create an environment that balances humidity and the air circulation. A large box is better because it will allow for maximum air circulation. There are a few different types; ceramic, bamboo and enamelware. The more bread you put in the bread box, the higher the humidity level, so don't overfill the box.
  • Leaving it on the counter: Try to put the bread in a dry area of your counter. Placing bread on top of the oven or near the toaster can cause the bread to get stale faster because of the fast hot & cold temperature changes. 
  • Bees Wrap: (our bakers favorite) Click on the link attached to view their website and see why this may be the best option for you!