Crazy for Croissants

There is something so satisfying about a simple plain croissant. The layers, the flaky outside crust, the melt-in-your-mouth buttery center, Toasted, with jam, with peanut butter, with Nutella, as a breakfast sandwich, or as is; whichever you prefer. Our hand-shaped croissants are as delicious and fresh as you could ever imagine. 

Check out this article that was written in the Norwalk Hour about Croissants! We are so honored to be mentioned and compared against a few of the best artisan bakeries in Fairfield County! 

Photo by Frank Whitman (Norwalk Hour)

Pictured left to right: Head Baker Avery, Owner Tim Topi, Baker Samantha Valenti 

The best bread on the East Coast.
— Michael and Jane Stern of and The Splendid Table on NPR