Time. Temperature. Touch

That's all we use to make our handcrafted artisan loaves.  We offer traditional American and European breads from crispy baguettes to tangy sourdough to flaky and buttery traditional croissants.


We see it every day when customers stop by to pick up a loaf, looking forward to sharing it with their family that evening. We see it in the eyes of children sneaking up to the sampling basket at the farmers’ markets to snatch just one more little piece.  

We hear it in the words of older folks who tell us how our bread reminds them of their mothers’ big round loaves coming out of the oven decades ago. We enjoy seeing Europeans smile when they taste Wave Hill Breads for the first time and say that it reminds them of the bread in their home country.  We like to hear words of appreciation from customers who enthusiastically thank us for making this bread.

We want our bread, “the Wilton bread” (now from Norwalk), to continue to be, as so many of our customers put it, “the best bread I have ever had.” We want to help people, young and older, learn how good bread is made.  We do hands-on lessons at the bakery for adults and children. We describe how we make our bread and how to care for it on the back of each bread bag.

We appreciate the craftsmen who have surrounded us with their beautiful wooden tools:  Yves Labbe, of Norristown, Pennsylvania, who made our wooden racks and traditional proofing troughs and Roger Adkins, who made our signature display baskets from saplings on his land.  You could find "WAVE HILL BREADS", hand-stenciled by Margaret on the cement floor, polished and stained by Ed Winslow, as you entered the bakery in Wilton.


The Team at Wave Hill Breads

Tim Topi - Owner & Master Artisan Baker

Tim Topi - Owner & Master Artisan Baker