We use only the best artisan flour from King Arthur Flour. We also have our own mill to grind the organic grains we get delivered weekly. The organic rye, organic spelt, pearled barley, and organic winter wheat berries are ground daily and used in all of our artisan breads. There are many benefits to grinding the grains here on the premises. It is most beneficial because we do not take out anything from the grain. We send the grains through the “feeder” and it doesn’t take away the shell or any stems. Another benefit is the shelf life of the bread. Because we are constantly milling these grains, means that they do not sit for days before being mixed & baked. The freshness of every loaf we make is very important to us. Lastly, milling these whole grains adds flavor. Because we do not take anything out or add anything to the grain, this helps with the flavor. You are getting the full flavor of all the grains listed above. This is just a little bit of what makes Wave Hill Breads’ so special.

Wheat is the main grain we use for our breads. We use only the highest quality flour, Sir Galahad Artisan King Arthur Flour which is "Milled entirely from premium hard red winter wheat to produce traditional, more flavorful baked goods, hearth breads and pizza for artisan bakers with uncompromising standards" (from the King Arthur Flour Website.) Learn more about King Arthur's commitment to high quality by clicking on the link below!

Spelt is an ancient Egyptian grain that has recently gained a lot of attention for its numerous health benefits.

Rye adds a rich, hearty taste to our breads as well as additional health benefits. 

The Crust: An Unexpected Source of Antioxidants