Customer Reviews

I just wanted to let you know how much I just enjoyed your Three Grain Bread at lunch today - I was dizzy with delight when I reached for a loaf of your bread in a local market and realized it was still warm - this is the real deal!  I just love the crusty outside and  the hearty inside of this bread - I'm not a huge bread eater by habit because it's a rare occasion to find a loaf so tasty and fresh - but I think that has just changed for me - and what a treat to have you right  here in our community! Best success in your business endeavor.    

- Loure Shaw Ridgefield, CT

I went into a bakery that I've known about but hadn't had the chance to stop in. The bakery is in Wilton, CT and it's called Wave Hill. This tiny bakery is JUST bread. No fancy counterspace, just handmade wooden shelving where you can pick your own loaf and leave money in a wooden box if the person actually baking can't stop over. I choose two warm loaves, one for myself and another for a great foodie friend of mine. 
A car full of crumbs and 4 miles later, I was in heaven. I think I could live on bread and butter and wine alone and being perfectly happy. Throw in some cheese and I'm really golden. I'd like to do more product photography so I did manage to take photos. Then I promptly ate 1/2 of the loaf afterwards.

- Nina of Two Sicilian Chicks