Wave Hill Breads started delivering bread to farmers markets in 2005, and we made only one recipe, a three-grain poolish-based dough until spring 2011.  Our breads are crafted by hand using age-old French methods.  They are made from unbleached wheat flour, organic spelt and organic rye berries that we mill for each batch, sea salt, water, and a pinch of yeast.  The "pre-fermentation" is mixed and left to develop for 18-20 hours before it is incorporated into the dough. The dough is put in specially-made maple and oak troughs (resting on hydraulic lifts, helpful for the over-fifty baker) to ferment once before it is rounded and shaped. It then proofs again before baking.  The steaming jets in the oven help form the crispy golden brown crusts and significant "grignes", the ridges that are started by slashes with a lame on the tops of the loaves before they bake. Once removed from the oven, the loaves are left to cool and package.

Our Wild Yeast Sourdough is made from King Arthur Artisan Flour, Freshly Milled Organic Spelt, Water & Salt. Everyday we feed our sourdough starter that is used for the next days batch. Our starter is made of flour, spelt, rye, water, a pinch of salt and old starter. Using the old starter help create the "sour" taste. After the dough reaches a certain temperature, it is taken out of the mixer and ready for its bulk ferment. After a few hours the dough is carefully divided and  rounded, then a little while later, shaped. After the final shape the dough rests until it is ready to be scored and placed in the oven. This long process helps with digestion and its amazing flavor. 


Have you tried our 14-grain Multi Grain Bread? The carefully hand mixed soaker includes all grains- some cooked & some milled- "soak" together for about 7hrs for maximum flavor.